1. Adventures with MaeMae: Update #03

    2020-01-07 04:49:00 UTC
    What do you like to do while working? Me? I am sitting here tonight watching, more listening, to  Peaky Blinders while working on some marketing items for the book. I’m refining our marketing logo for business cards and GoFundMe support cards to hand out. After this, I’ll be working on…

  2. Adventures with MaeMae: Update #02

    2019-12-22 06:44:28 UTC
    Adventures with MaeMae Making more progress today; introducing our logo for promoting the book and our GoFundMe. This may change in the future as we progress with the book. I spent some time today working in Illustrator and I decided I don’t like the flatness of how it was progressing.…

  3. Adventures with MaeMae: Update #01

    2019-12-18 00:33:54 UTC
    Woohoo! We are very excited to announce that we have a live radio interview for Clarabelle and her first book Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You. Thank you to Patrick Nicklay for getting this done for us!! The interview is taking place on KGVO Talk Radio Missoula, MT…

  4. Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You

    2019-12-17 00:05:00 UTC
    Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You is a book by author Clarabelle Nightingale (age 9). She’s writing a children’s book series to educate people about her rare condition - HED (learn more here: Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia) empower herself, help raise money for the phenomenal cost of continual updates for…

  5. Artwork & Product Photography

    2018-02-01 00:00:18 UTC
    Within the last month, I have run across more and more artists wondering what is the best way to shoot their artwork and products. What is so great about today’s technology is that there are many studio lighting options that are “good” and affordable. You don’t need expensive equipment to…

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