Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You

Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You is a book by author Clarabelle Nightingale (age 9). She’s writing a children’s book series to educate people about her rare condition - HED (learn more here: Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia) empower herself, help raise money for the phenomenal cost of continual updates for dentures in a growing mouth, and to help other children who need teeth.

I will be working with Clarabelle and her mom over the next few months to illustrate and publish her first of a series of books that will focus on Clarabelle’s illness and the challenges that come along with her rare condition. Currently, I am working on getting my drawing muscles back to where they should be after spending way too much time focusing on digital art. Clarabelle has written the first book which will be about 24 pages with a cover.

The books will take place on a farm in Southern California, near the San Diego River. Clarabelle has been very adamant about what animals will be on her farm and what names their names are. She is very much a little spit-fire young lady with drive and focus; she knows what she wants. All of her requests will add complexity in the visual storytelling but, in turn, add to the overall delivery and whimsical approach she wants. I’ve been doing more contemplating and percolating in my head than on paper or the tablet, visualizing how to approach it all and what it will look like. I always spend more time in my head at first whenever I tackle something.

What we need from you!

Support! Social media shares! We are hoping someone will step in and help us publish the first book, however, we are absolutely ready to self-publish the first book on our own. I’m not great at asking for money, it’s truly the typical artist issue. However, if you can, any small amount will help as we have a lot to accomplish without a working sum of money. If you can’t give money, give time by simply sharing this page on social media and with your friends.

Your donation gets you:

  • “Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You” - a digital copy - $25
  • “Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You” - a hard copy - $58.50
  • “Adventures with MaeMae: Nice to Meet You” - a digital and a hard copy - $75

The GoFundMe link:

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