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United Water Idaho Educational Brochure

Client: United Water Idaho
Creative Direction: United Water Idaho, Travis Monroe
Designer: Travis Monroe
Agency: Travis Monroe Studios

A Rude Awakening

Jerry Garcia & David Koresh have a heart to heart discussion.

An illustration exploring two spiritual leaders if they both met in person.

Medium: Watercolor with craft glue & pencil on board

More Bass, Please

An underpainting study used by the Masters

Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas

"In its simplest terms, an underpainting is a monochrome version of the final painting that fixes the composition, gives volume and substance to the forms, and distribute darks and lights in order to create the effect of illumination. The lack of color probably explains the word "dead" in the term dead painting. Color was applied over the underpainting only when it was thoroughly dry. Underpaintings were usually executed in warm earth tones over neutral gray or warm brown grounds. Raw umber, at times mixed with black, were frequently used for this purpose. Cool gray underpaintings were also employed. An example of a sketchy brown underpainting can be seen in the right-hand side of the face of an unfinished portrait by the Italian painter Andrea del Sarto."

Sing it Ray

Ray Charles advertising publication illustration

Medium: Oil on board

Rainy Nightlife

Digital multimedia study

Medium: Photograph base with digital painting

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