Kelly Casey | Copy Writer | Colleague

I consider Travis to be the MacGyver of multi-media marketing. He’s super smart, always delivers and has an amazing talent for creating successful solutions that are unexpected and right on strategy. Along with his vast experience and superior talents – he’s a damn good person. No wonder his clients and colleagues love working with him.

Cynthia Harvey | Writer & Editor | Colleague

Travis and I have worked together on a number of projects. He always creates a solid design, but more importantly, he always put the client's needs first. He's a big picture thinker who offers great marketing suggestions beyond his contributions as a designer.

Mike Hatfield | Sales Manager | Colleague

Travis does amazing work. Whether creating email campaigns and one sheets, decoration for client branded merchandise, perfecting user experience on web stores, or managing a creative team his combination of creativity and business acumen produce results clients love. He is an absolute team player and can work with any client. It's been a pleasure working with him the past six years.

Diane Ludgate Love | Executive Life Coach & Writer | Client

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis Monroe for over twelve years. I was fortunate enough to meet Travis as I was beginning to grow my business and he has provided all of my graphic design services including print design, web design, advertising, presentation materials, and a 2-hour interactive CD-ROM project that took two years to complete. It included audio/video production, copywriting, and photography. He is truly one of the most intelligent and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Travis has a rare combination of expertise and skills. He takes the time to understand and to build relationships with his clients. His most important mission is to understand exactly what his clients are looking for and does whatever it takes to make it possible. He is hard working, dedicated, creative, and tenacious. He is always upbeat and positive. His sense of design and creativity are evident in everything he does.

Those who decide to retain Travis will not be disappointed. He is honest, dedicated, and puts his personal stamp of perfection on everything he does. He stays current with technological changes and works well within budget and time constraints. My experience working with Travis these past three years has been extremely positive. I am fortunate to have found someone so talented and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Travis for any type of graphic design work.

Abigail Roddy | Graphic Designer | Direct Report

Travis is a very driven and detail-oriented manager. I have enjoyed working with him for about 5 years now. He has helped me grow as a designer, and pushed me to be my best self. He built the Design department from the ground up, and has kept us focused on innovation and growth.

Chris Settle | EVP Director of Creative Services | Colleague

Travis is more that just a good designer, he’s got marketing savvy. We’ve collaborated on projects on many occasions and I’m always impressed with the passion and enthusiasm that he brings to the process. Web or print, he’ll be sure to add that extra snap to your next project so that it’s not only visually effective but that it also ties in to your overall marketing strategy.

Matt Stanigar | Principal at Step 7 Consulting | Colleague

Travis is a creative Web designer who built many Web sites for our customers at J Street Technology. He has a solid background in building sites that conform to the W3C and are optimized for search engines. In addition, over a span of three plus years Travis became an expert in understanding the key components necessary to build and run an e-commerce store. His background in this area and his experience helping to successfully troubleshoot challenging customer issues make him an excellent candidate for similar positions. These qualities combined with his friendly demeanor and strong communication skills will serve him and his future employer well.

Armen Stein | President at J Street Technology | Colleague

Travis is a talented graphic artist and web designer with good customer communication skills. During his time at J Street, we could rely on Travis to come up with great visual designs and web layouts, all while working directly with customers in both e-commerce sales and support.

Laura Stork | Import Manager | Colleague

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis for several years, he is an amazingly talented individual. He often is asked to fulfill many different roles from web developer to setting up and executing sales campaigns to tech support; he is always willing to jump in and help find the best solution for team members and clients. His mix of creativity and knowledge of business is highly valued by his leaders and peers.

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