Brew Dr. Kombucha Marketing & Sales Portal

Client: Deluxe Brand Management 
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe
Custom Development: Travis Monroe
Agency: Deluxe Brand Management

Fulfillment and reordering process combining real-time supply chain management platform with Enterprise resource planning (ERP), print-on-demand for print and non-print items, local warehousing and distribution, a highly scalable print production footprint, and the most robust an intuitive web ordering system – from manufacturing to online ordering to physical storage and distribution – is what differentiates Deluxe Brand Management. The solutions are designed and implemented to precisely match the way clients need to do business. 

J Street Technology, Inc. Website

Client: J Street Technology, Inc. 
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe
Custom Development: Matt Stanigar & Travis Monroe
Agency: J Street Technology, Inc.

J Street’s Web site is a blend of two different divisions; the custom software development division and the e-business division. Both divisions have separate focuses but occasionally they blend their there services as well. Those two divisions cover 4 separate areas; E-Commerce, Web Design, Web Hosting and Custom Programming.

The design of the site needed to blend and separate the divisions and the 4 core areas as well. This was done using custom icons, Flash and cohesive brand management.

Web Site Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash with ActionScript 2.0, ASP Integration

Green Bed Recycling

Secondary service website for Parklane Mattresses

Client: Parklane Mattresses 
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe
Programming: Travis Monroe
Agency: Travis Monroe Studios

Superior Farms Website

Consumer Engagement Recipe Website

Client: Superior Farms 
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe
Programming: Travis Monroe
Agency: Travis Monroe Studios

Superior Farms has been the industry leader for high-quality lamb since it was founded in 1963. With a wide variety of products that serve retailers and food service operators throughout the country, they pride ourselves on our commitment to food safety and high quality operations. 

Superior Farms needed a well cohesive branded website that could support all of their marketing needs, recipes for consumers, support for their suppliers, email marketing, promotions and press releases.

The Power of Type: An Introduction to the MBTI

Interactive executive training CD-ROM

Client: Innovative Training Concepts, Inc. | Diane Love, PhD
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe, Diane Love
Audio/Video Production: Travis Monroe
Programming & Animation: Travis Monroe
Quality Assurance: The Testing Guys
Produced by: Diane Love, Travis Monroe
Agency: Travis Monroe Studios

The CD-ROM is the culmination of 2 years of collaboration between Diane Love and Travis Monroe. The program is over 2 hours long and introduces the initial concepts and history of the MBTI. The content consists of animation, audio, video and video interviews of 16 different working professionals along with several printed supporting materials. The CD-ROM won the 2005 International Award for Innovations In Training.


Monthly email marketing campaigns

Client: Deluxe Brand Management 
Creative Direction & Design: Travis Monroe
Copywriting: Travis Monroe
Agency: Deluxe Brand Management

Managed monthly email marketing campaigns to maintain brand awareness capabilities with our clients and potential clients. Utilized Salesforce for CRM and Mad Mimi for white hat email distributions. 

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