Adventures with MaeMae: Update #03

What do you like to do while working? Me? I am sitting here tonight watching, more listening, to  Peaky Blinders while working on some marketing items for the book. I’m refining our marketing logo for business cards and GoFundMe support cards to hand out. After this, I’ll be working on a website for Clarabelle so she can post her updates to keep you can follow along with her.

We are very excited to announce that she has another interview scheduled for January 16th on NPR Montana. I will post the details here soon as well as posting to social media. And yes, I will also be tagging along for the interview to support Clarabelle; I’m there for moral support and to cheer her on.

I’ve been exceptionally busy with my freelance work over the last two weeks and with the holidays. I’m excited to get back to working on the book illustrations. I believe I have a style worked out that should be in line with what Clarabelle wants too. I did some research over the holidays; there are so many good children’s books out there. I want to hit this so far out of the ballpark for Clarabelle and her cause. Every day I want to be giving back to those less fortunate; I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help her. I do think she is helping me more than I am helping her. Before going to school for graphic design, I wanted to be an illustrator. Clarabelle has provided me with that opportunity to get back into my illustrating.

Thank you Clarabelle!

P.S. Watch Clarabelle’s YouTube video and consider supporting the cause on GoFundMe

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